Scooping Wheel for water play equipment
Scooping Wheel for water play equipment
Scooping Wheel for water play equipment
Scooping Wheel for water play equipment
Scooping Wheel for water play equipment
Scooping Wheel for water play equipment

Item specifics

Age Appropriate
3-10 Years Old
Stainless Steel
Play In Water
Water play equipment



Scooping Wheel for water play equipment
Water is the eternal theme of the children, all children have a natural love for water, how to let the children in the water to actively feel and think about the flow of water, which is our main water play equipment to solve the main problem, through hundreds of different combinations of water play equipment, as well as rotating organs, lifting valves, control parts and other combinations of the children control the flow of water, which helps to exercise the children's interest in the physical flow of water.

This equipment is a nicely shaped waterscoop where children can play and observe the flowing characteristics of water.When the wheel is turned around, water is drawn from the basin. The water then pours into the channels on both sides. It is directed by the channels into the flow dish and is redirected from there into the basin through a water outlet pipe. The water quantity coming into the channels varies with relation to the rotating speed of the wheel. The water can, for example, flow from both sides into the dish so that a constantly changing flow configuration results.
Product name or product number
Scooping Wheel for water play equipment
City parks, shopping centers, amusement parks, schools, residential areas, hotels and resorts, designers
Applicable age range
3-10 years old
Play in water
The manner of movement or play
Play in water
Product dimensions
Artistic style
Material Distinction
Stainless steel
Warranty period
2 years
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Stock in stock
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Instructions for use:

Children can turn the device to encourage the flow of water through the container to the end of the device.


Avoid chasing and playing around the equipment, causing collision injuries, prohibit placing sand and gravel and other debris in the container to cause blockage, prohibit climbing and standing on the equipment.

Combination suggestion:

Different types of stainless steel water equipment can be mixed and matched, it is recommended that with the help of terrain fall, their own equipment height difference and water flow direction comprehensive consideration, but also welcome to consult us for customized combinations.