JEGOPALY Group 2024 Annual Meeting Ended Successfully

JEGOPALY Group 2024 Annual Meeting Ended Successfully


JEGOPALY Group 2023 annual work summary and 2024 annual meeting was successfully held in Shanghai.

JEGOPALY Group 2024 Annual Meeting Ended Successfully
On March 1, the 2023 annual work summary and 2024 Annual meeting of JEGOPALY Group was successfully held in Shanghai.

Li Hui hua, president of JEGOPALY Group, Zhang Wei, executive president of JEGOPALY Group, gathered together with colleagues from the group headquarters, JEGOPALY Design Group, JEGOPALY Construction Group, JEGOPALY Culture Group, Product Division, etc., to summarize the 2023 work of JEGOPALY Group, and deploy the 2024 work in combination with the current form.

Song Bowen, general manager of the Marketing Center & Investment Development Center of the Group, summarized and forecast the harvest of the department's work in 2023 and the challenges of the work in 2024, and shared the market development direction, existing problems and countermeasures, and the market environment trend. Song Bowen, general manager, expressed optimism that he would continue to lead the high-quality development of the two departments around the paradise strategy in the future. Dig high-quality projects, provide high-quality services, and initially form the structure of overseas business.
Tan Liang, deputy general manager of JEGOPALY Design Group, summed up the 2023 years spent by the design group with "a year of both rich and poor, a year of getting used to big scenes, a year of insisting on innovation, a year of opinion leaders, and a year of three heads and six arms"; In the next few years, the design Group will focus on the ability to obtain value from consumers through operation, put consumers in C position, provide them with functional value and emotional value, so as to obtain consumption value and further enhance core competitiveness; In 2024, from the peak to subversion, from leading the way to exploring the road, from the circle to the sea, is the long road to go by JEGOPALY Design Group, and is also the goal of JEGOPALY people's joint efforts.
Chen Pengfei, director of JEGOPALY Construction Group, introduced the work results of JEGOPALY Construction Group in 2023 through a set of data: the construction area reached 19. 10,000 square meters, signed more than 220 million yuan, the annual completion of 68 key projects... In addition, Director Chen Pengfei introduced the Construction Group to carry out the new work plan in 2024 with the three major businesses of EPCO service, professional subcontracting service and project management (PM) consulting service, and the new parks such as Donghai, Changsha and Lujiang will be smoothly delivered and operated by nodes. Under the strategic framework of JEGOPALY Group's parent-child leisure and vacation industry, focusing on design as the core, engineering as the center of gravity and cost as the center, the whole process of EPCO cultural travel project is served to save worry, money and labor.
Cheng Weihong, deputy director of JEGOPALY'S Product Division, reviewed the annual work in 2023 from six aspects: team, management, safety, quality, cost, and big data, and put forward a new outlook for 2024: Echelon construction optimizes team organization, system construction management improves team efficiency, upholds safe production and improves product quality, establishes capital budget and strictly controls costs, and maintains innovation and progress in technological innovation and research and development.
Huo Hong, director of the marketing center of JEGOPALY Culture Group, reviewed the work achievements of the four parent-child paradise projects of the Culture Group in 2023, and said that "the most purple copy writing, the IP of the coffee place, the activity of the vitality of Orange, and the popularity of the boom" constituted the dopamine year of JEGOPALY Rabbit Den; Director Huo Hong also shared the off-season "reverse growth" plan in 2024, according to the different time nodes of the off-season to make the corresponding ticket marketing strategy, 2024 will be "VIP member +, social grass planting, private domain operation" as the focus, towards the industry NO.1 full year to dominate the list, highlighting the brand strength, the New Year is hot and hot, No power park market.
Jiang Qian, director of the business center of JEGOPALY Culture Group, summarized the work situation of the business center in 2023 from the five dimensions of "eating, shopping and parade entertainment", and realized the second sales revenue of JEGOPALY Rabbit Den, a parent-child park brand of the Culture Group, of 11.836,400 yuan, a total of 39 merchants, and 40+ joint activities of the second sales, meeting the needs of the park's leisure and entertainment and one-stop high play customers; Director Jiang Qian proposed the 2024 strategic idea of "focusing on resources and adapting to local conditions for development", grasping core users while spreading user groups, focusing on building a variety of scenes and establishing well-known brand cooperation, and ultimately improving the reputation and sales of JEGOPALY Rabbit Den, and continuing to make steady progress in 2024.
Qin Zhenmu, operation director of JEGOPALY Rabbit Den parent-Child Garden of JEGOPALY Culture Group, showed the performance, passenger flow, team reception, market activities, second sales, customer service, honor and other work of JEGOPALY Rabbit Den Parent-child Garden in 2023. Facing the environment that is still in the economic winter and cultural travel consumption is downgraded, JEGOPALY Rabbit Den parent-child Garden adopts the project strategy of reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Get a record of consistently maintaining profitability. In addition, Director Qin Zhenmu said that there will be various ups and downs and variables in 2024, and the team will continue to change with the trend, in order to meet the parent-child family experience as the core, innovate to create more joy and wonderful activities, and show a more colorful rainbow in the parent-child park industry.
Zhang Ni, deputy general manager of Operation Center of JEGOPALY Culture Group and general manager of PANCOAT Park, elaborated on the work achievements of PANCOAT Park in the past year through 12 aspects such as "operation overview, theme activities, media promotion, tourist services, and revision of operation standardization documents". And proposed to reduce costs and increase efficiency, market breakthrough, commercial iteration, operational innovation, talent training concept sharing, 2024 team will break the trend, hand in hand to charge.

Li Huiyin, general manager of JEGOPALY Group Management Center and director of the recruitment contract Department, compared the "team culture" with the seven business divisions and said that winning the market is the king. Talking about the group management center as the "gatekeeper", it gives the business center the active support of "professional empowerment" and "functional control", and summarizes the annual work situation of the four functional departments of the Group management center in 2023, and finally shares my personal sentiment: Although 2023 is unpredictable and 2024 is full of uncertainty, we look forward to welcoming the New Year together with a good attitude of "no cold to the bone, how to get the fragrance of plum blossom".
Zhang Wei, Executive President of JEGOPALY Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the board of directors of the group, saying that in just 11 years, from nothing to everything, now JEGOPALY Group has a strong team to do the cause of love. In addition, Mr. Zhang expressed good wishes for the New Year and for Ji Gao Ren: In 2024, please wait patiently for the economic winter to pass, and Ji Gao Ren should also insist on struggling in their own fields.
After coming to power, Li Huihua, president of the quarter high Group, thanked all the quarter high people for their common advance and retreat. Mr. Li said that in 2023, although the heavy load is moving forward, it will still achieve good results: the total annual performance of JEGOPALY Group TO B+TO C reached 470 million yuan, creating a new high in the parent-child park industry; Realize the industrialization strategy upgrade of "1+4" group structure and "FEPCO" capability closed-loop, as well as the platform strategy upgrade of top flow resource import and industry resource integration; Completed overseas exhibition, Singapore company set up the group to explore the sea, leading the industry, active voice; Word-of-mouth wins, wins awards; JEGOPALY Culture Group's original IP Tufei works with PANCOAT, Undersea small Column, lucky monkey, Teddy Collection and other IP resource libraries to achieve IP matrix; Capacity increased, factory moved to......
Mr. Li also concluded: JEGOPALY Group keeps pace with The Times, from "high-end amusement equipment supplier, overall solution provider, whole industry chain service provider, parent-child leisure and vacation industry investment operator" to the current "Chinese family joy provider", then in 2024, it will be based in China and go overseas, so that the world's parent-child families enjoy happiness.
In the end of the sharing, Mr. Li made a globalization strategic deployment for JEGOPALY  Group in 2024, and analyzed that the current JEGOPALY Group needs to take root in China and be steady and enterprising; In the domestic steady development, solid operation, actively enterprising overseas, landing integration; At the same time, focus on the development of continuous iteration, optimization innovation: theoretical research innovation, product model innovation, fine operation innovation and IP matrix innovation; Thanks again to everyone who has worked hard in the season high, outstanding talent is the guarantee of everything, I hope everyone can still work together to meet a new and more challenging future, through the cycle, waiting for flowers.