on JEGOPLAY Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Shanghai Jego Play Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 2009, Jegoplay has been dedicated to becoming a global leader in comprehensive playground solutions. Specializing in the export, planning, design, manufacturing, and construction services of playground equipment, we have successfully completed over 1000 projects.

With innovation, safety, and fun as our core principles, we provide holistic playground solutions for parks, schools, housing developments, hotels and resorts, urban shopping centers, religious sites, and theme parks worldwide. Through exhilarating play experiences, we strive to spark children's imagination and creativity, crafting unforgettable childhood memories.

Discover a new level of joy in playtime with Jegoplay. Experience our commitment to innovation, safety, and fun as we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary playgrounds. Join us in embracing the magic of playtime and let's create timeless memories together!